Time flies when your procrastinating...

Wow. I don't believe its meen almost 4mobths since my last update. And I'm going to be brutally hinest here, I almost gave this up. I had a look at all the other project and at how time poor I was and that coupled with the fact that I couldn't even find time to overhaul this site anf get it up to date to start blogging again (as Wix had changed the way there blogs worked) meant the outlook for continuing this forum looked poor at best. But here we are, and honestly a lot of it has to do with Gil.

But first a quick update:

  • Orphans Christmas was a smashing success.

  • My Hibernation period went quite well

  • My mental health has been up and down

  • Thingamaweek is almost wrapped (it has obly taken us almost a year to film one season)

  • We starterted the new project "Cooking the Books"

  • The Dream Farm project has been stepped up a gear from "dream" to "let's do this" and now a lot of research and study is involved.

  • My mum's moving back to Brisbane!!!!

  • And finally Gil has started gardening.

And thus why this project has been saved. Since Gil and I will be spending A LOT more time in the garden together and I will be cooking a lot more thanks to Cooking The Books, and I need to finish the book this year (and publish it) it seemed a natural progression to keep this site going to tie it all together.

So now that the update is over, what's in store for the future I hear you say? Well I'm glad you asked :)

  • Finish the photo's and the final edit of the book.

  • Get season 1 of Thingamaweek uploaded and see if we want (or anyone else wants us) to do a season 2

  • Complete a whole season of Cooking the Books.

  • Continue planning the dream farm(we need a better name for this)

  • Orphans Christmas 2020 - which is going tonbe huge as it will be a double feature - Mum and my in-laws in the morning and the orphans in the evening.

  • And Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for *drumroll please* ... The 2020 Garden plan.

But that's something to talk about tomorrow.