Miniature Verticle Gardening

As previously mentioned, Gil has recently gotten into gardening and as an aside to this, he has discovered vertical gardening of a sort. He has been creating compact, high yield plant pots using leftover milk and juice bottles and this seems to be working out well so far, with small red shallots, garlic, spring onions (after our nasty onion bug blight last year), red veined sorrel, dill, perilla and both and genovese basil already well established. And we will be looking into what other herbs and greens can be converted into this space-saving and recycling format.

And while they are not the prettiest of containers, so much so I tried to convince Gil to let me paint them, but I must admit, they are working better than my terracotta set up. They seem to retain moisture, better, the vertical side set up does mean we can get a higher yield per potn and it is using up a resource we would usually otherwise be throwing away (we go through a huge amount of juice and milk bottles in our house).

And while we have lost 1 or 2 plants in some of the pots (we have had an abnormally high amount of rain recently anf so some have unfortunately rotted away) so far the experiment has been a sucess overall.

But I guess only time will tell.with this one.