Hong Kong Dreaming ...

So one of the reasons for the hiatus last year was because Gil and I had our third wedding in Hong Kong. The food was simply AMAZING! So I thought I might share a bit of our epic 5 week trip through the photo's of some of the food we ate:

Kuala Lumpur - Oysters with Garlic and Chilli - yes, all that white is raw garlic. It was delicious!

Singapore - Passionfruit Mango Eclair

Singapore - Icecream Sandwich

Singapore - Lobster Laksa

Singapore - Panfried and Chilli Dumplings

Macau - Egg Tart and Chocolate Brownie Tart

Hong Kong - Pineapple Bun

Hong Kong - Sashimi Rice

Hong Kong - Yuzu Icecream cone

Hong Kong - Cheese Egg Waffle

Hong Kong - Bubble Tea Souffle Pancakes