Here comes the rain

Well, the rain is here again, reminding me how I really should have already tidied up my rather overgrown garden. But it's fine, it will still be here when the rain finishes and all rain is good rain.

And yes, that is my finger in the photo, it was taken in a rush as we exited for the game tonight.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. We will be filming episode 3 of our new project cooking the books, and even though it is a bbq episode, I think it will still be fun to film on ponchos in the rain. And then we have an actual bbq (once again, great weather, but oh well) and then hopefully on Sunday we will get a time in the garden. We have to finish pruning the grapes back and actually trwllis them properly for future seasons.

Unfortunatly, when we planted them, we didn't expect them to do particularly well so we didn't think too much about space and crops etcetera but this season they have gone berko and so here we are, in clearly the wrong season for pruning, cutting through them like some intrepid adverturers searching for aztac gold in the hope of containing them somewhat.

We also have to pull up the cape gooseberries which once again have been plighted by the black sludge pest that seems to plague them everytime they grow. But that's another post.

And then there are the mites on the 2 standard roses out the front. I am torn between doing nothing and waiting to see what happens (which I feel will be best case scenario we will lose them both amd worst case scenario, they infect the rest of the roses) or taking to them with various alternative organic option which may or may not work.

I'll be honest, I refuse to use any pesticides or herbicides in my garden, even of an "organic" variety as previous use of such products had resulted in the native bees and honey bees that frequent our garden disappearing for 6 months, and as someone who keeps fruits trees, let me tell you, having your pollinators abandon you is a nightmare.

Either way, we'll have plenty to keep us busy.