And we're back!!!

Updated: Mar 8

Well it's been quite the sojourn and A LOT has happened, like:

I finished the book (but am yet to publish)

Gil got sick (but is on the mend)

We had our 3rd wedding (in Hong Kong)

The garden died (worse than in previous years)

Monty almost died (but he, like Gil, got better)

We lost 2 of the fruit trees (the Lemon Meringue Custard Apple and the Butterscotch Sapote)

Gil started eating chilli (hallelujah)

All other projects also came to a screaming halt (thanks to the wedding)

My baby boy Dorian grew up (while we were overseas)

I'm suddenly looking down the barrel of 40 (what?)

We mastered Cheese Making and Charcutterie

And suddenly it's only 44 days til Christmas!!!!

So after a lovely 5 weeks off travelling around Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur I return to Brisbane with a garden to conquer and revive and Orphans Christmas (OC) to organise, while trying not to dread my upcoming 40th, and come out the other side still in one piece.

Having said that, I pre -ordered stuff while in Kuala Lumpur last week and it has been arriving over the weekend and I have already set up the Christmas tree and started wrapping presents for OC and have completed a preliminary scope of the garden and started making a mental list of things to complete to bring it up to the glory it was before we left. And I'm not exaggerating, it was glorious. All the fruit trees were either in flower or already had fruit on it, we had spring flowers everywhere you looked and it was simply glorious. I really have to stop having having holidays in October).

Thankfully, as with most years, I started my my Christmas plan back in August, so things aren't as stressful as they would have been if I had woken up this morning and realised I only have 6 weeks to get the show on the road.

Stay tuned for our 2019 OC Master Plan!