This Years Chilli Project

Every year, in the garden, we tend to concentrate on 1 or 2 big project crops. This year it was Garlic and Chillies.

I have finally gotten around to getting Mr G to eat some chilli (even if he won't admit it). And so this season was to concentrate on not too hat chillies.

Things started well. I planted the seeds of 15 varieties including Anaheim, Perenial, Rainbow, Padron, Casabel, Red Bulls Horn, Poblanoes, Paprika, Sweet Banana, Striped, Chocolate, Jalepeno, Midnight Purple, Baby Bell and Italian Fryer to name a few. And those that did not come up we're replaced with seedlings. This combined with the lables I placed in the bed fading (a rather basic error on my behalf) has resulted in a bed of unidentified Chilli pepers and capsicum.

But that has not stopped me from enjoying a steady supply of diferently colours, shaped and textueed peppers and also sharing them with Mr G.

And unlike in previous years, where our capsicums and chillies had failed and we only got a minimual amount of fruit, this year they are all going striong with no sign of pest or disease.

I put this down to placement. As I placed the new bed exactly where last years suprise death chillies  accidentily popped up and florished. And my eagle eyed observation seems to have paid off.

Now, what to geek out over next season?


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