This Seasons Tomato Bonanza

Every year holds new surprises for us gardeners. Mine are usually in the form of unexpected crops.

This year it was tomatoes. A lot of tomatoes.

They popped up in the big bed. After letting it gorw over and after all the surprise sunflowers popped up (another unexpected addition to this season) I went in to weed it out (to give the sweet potatoes a chance to re-establish) and I found a tomato plant, and another on, and another one, and so on and so forth. I stopped coutning at 12.

They weren't where I had planned them to be and I had wanted to try (again) to grow melons in that bed this season. But on Mr G's urging I let them remain. And I was not dissapointed.

I had assumed they would just be just cherry tomatoes. But As they fruited, I realised we were in for a real treat. We had cherry tomatoes in yellow, orange, red & even blue-red, as well as pear tomatoes, moni romat tomatoes, sweetheart tomatoes and even regualr tomatoes (which I have never had any patience for growing).

And even with the horrific heat they persisted. They dropped there leaves but still kept hter fruit and started to ripen, and with the latest rains, they are now putting on some new leaves and some are even looking like they may put on a second flush of flowers to fruti again.

And considering my other 2 chosen plants both died off in the first 2 weeks where II has established them, this surprise crop of tomatoes have turned out to be a god sned.

This is one time I am glad I didn't look a gift tomato in the mouth, so to speak.

So next time you see something unexpected pop up in the garden, maybe take a little time to give it a little love and you will be pleasently rewarded.