The Worlds Easiest Foccacia

So as previously mentioned, each Orphans Christmas generally tends to revolve around one or 2 "cult following" items. the sort of thing where we just go over the top with concentrating on one dish, or variety, or theme. Cookies, ice creams, cocktails, charcuterie, clams   ... the list goes back a very long time.

And so this year was no exception. This Year we are concentrating on Baked Cheeses (a dream on the BBQ) and Home Made Foccacias with flavoured Butters (Like Maple Bacon, Cranberry & Red Wine and Smoked Chilli to name a few).

Now there were 3 reasons I chose this. 1. I love fresh bread and butter, it's a me thing. There is nothing better in my eyes than warm bread and a slathering of butter.  2. It fits my brief of "on the BBQ" perfectly and 3. A few years ago, I stumbled on the easiest Foccacia recipe. Period. There is no kneading, you can either make it the day before and if you have a few hours to spare, you can whip it up on short (for bread at least) call. And it's delicious to boot.

I use this whenever I need a bread for entertaining that is a bit more swanky than our quick breads. And it can be as dressed up as you want. 

Some of my favourite combos include:

  • Potato & Rosemary & Garlic OIl

  • Olive & Thyme

  • Cherry Tomato & Red Ionion

  • Bacon & Cheese

  • Feta & Pesto

But really any combination that suits can be adapted to it.

The recipe can be found on our website under Bread or clicking here.

So get out there and make yourself some tasty foccacia to compliment your next get-together