So Long ... For The Time Being

Well, I feel I have really said everything there is to be said in the posts leading up to this final post. 

The last couple of years of doing this has been an absolute blast. 

I have an amazing garden to show for it, I have an outlet for my manic depression, I have a shiny website and exhaustive blog and it has all enabled me to work towards a life long bucket list item of writing my very own cookbook.

But it won't simply stop during this upcoming hiatus, there will still be a garden, the website will still be accessible, the previous blog posts will still be here. We will still (randomly) add new content and posts, we will still keep everyone updated of the progress.

It's just a little break.

So before you know it (and I know it) 8 to 9 months will be over, our hiatus will be finished, and we will be telling everyone about our wild new plans for the 2019 Spring/ Summer garden, and will also hopefully have a cookbook to boot.

So stay safe, eat well, love those around you and get out and do some gardening.