Spring Is Officially Over …

And Summer is most definitly here. Whiich is sad. Thanks to the recent heatwave, the garden go ravaged, and even the recent eluge of rain has not been able to save the worst of the damage.

So what is a girl to do with dead patches all over the place just over a week out from Christmas?

Cheat of course ;)

I am a big believer in cutting corners when convinients, whilst making butter chicken or ramen from scratch is lovely, I am more than happy to adapt a base sauce or stock mix to suit my timerestained lifestyle. And while I love making bread, There are people out there who are do a much better job than I can and having a loaf obn hand to pop into the over in the last 5 minutes of cooking is a godsend.

And I am a big beliver in extending this theory to the garden as well, since it is essentially an extention of my kitchen.

So when looknig at all the dead pots of former plants all over the garden, thant just 2 weeks beore had been beautiful flowers and herbs, there was only one thing I could do. Replace it all.

Now this might seem drastic, but looking at the dead plants depressed me and I knew that no amount of rain in the world ewas bringing these husks back to life.

And so I hatched a plan. And set myslef some limits.

I could only spent up to $3 a plant.

The had to be hearty, healty and pretty.

I had to plant them straight away, so excuses.

And so we headed of to the markets. I love the markets for quick cheap pots of colour and bountiful pots of vibrant herbs.

And they did not disappoint. I managed to replace all the dead plants and still have a few left over for extra pots. And I spent no more than $30 to boot.

Not bad for one days work.