Seasons Change ... Time To Move On

Summer is here, there is no doubt about it. And while I was disappointed to see all my hard work go to dust, alas, this is the way of the seasons, and as such we will be looking to the future and next years plans.

Honestly, this Spring Summer Season felt even shorter than last and time just flew, but it hasn't dampened my spirit for the hope next year holds.

But first, before we dream of next season, we have to prepare.

And so as each of the beds go over, I will pull up and compost what remains, then dig over the beds and top them up. And finally plant our green manure crops.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we don't grow winter crops. It's not because we don't want to, or that there is nothing we wish to grow, quite the opposite in fact.

We love so many winter vegetable, I would love nothing more than to grow broccoli, cabbaage, cauliflower and brussel sprouts, but Iit is not meant to be.

For you see, we suffer from cabbage moth.

The little blighters are varacious and unstoppable and love all things brassica. We have tried everything, short of pesticides (As I prefer my bees living) and nothing stops them.

So the easiest thing is to simpleto not grow them. Sometimes you need to understand that there are some things you simply cannot grow, and this is my gardens Kryptonite.

And thus, we just forgo winter crops completley and instead spend the downtime growing greenmanure crops to inject sorely needed nitrogen into the soil.

This down season we will be growing a combination of legumes including broadbeans (as we did last season), leftover edamame, cowpea, scarlet runner string and snake beans form this year and also a “green manure mix” I picked up early this year during my spring seed ordering.

And hopefully this will prepare our soil as well as it did this year.