A Need For a Brief Hiatus

This year has been a huge year of self growth and revolation. And as with these sorts of things it has been rather tiring.

It takes a lot of energy for each of my beloved projects and as such I have had to push myself and expend myself far beyond what I would have thought myslef capable of.

And thus it has made me re-evaluate my projects and think about the amount of time I spend on them and what I get out of them in return for the expenditure of time.

I was very proud of myself this year when I decided to set myself a posting scehdule for MGK & RQD and then I was even more proud as I managed to stick to them (mostly) even when things got super hectic. Previously I would have skipped one or two and then given up, but I powered on.

This was mainly because I set a goal point for myself. I said I had to make it to the new year and then I could re-evaulate things. And it was that end point that kept me going. And while I had planned to pre plan to give myself a break just after Christmas (and before New Year) in the hope of  continuing this momentum, I can feel a wall fast approaching, and as such need to start thinking about what I really want.

And so in the new year, a few things will be changing. With the introduction of the 2 new projects (Thingamaweek and Drunk D&D) and the promise to myself that I will have self published my first book by the end of 2019, things have become extremely hectic.

And so, it is with great reluctance that For the Autumn/Winter Down season, I will be winding back the weekday posting for MGK and only be posting if and when I feel I have something to share, with a look of resuming daily posts at the beginning of August 2019. But I won't be lounging around squandering my newly managed freetime. I will instead be funneling this time into the completion of my first book in the hope of still making the End of 2019 deadline. It does mean ther emay be a bit of a move from the garden to the kitchen when it comes to content.

And as of the New Year, RQD will be down for an unspecified time while I redesign the website. I started RQD as my Christmas project last year when I go tmy new Shiny (my surface pro) and at the time I put no thought into content, structure or set up, I simply grabbed a website template and ran with it.

I have now have a more realistic expectation of what I want the site to look like and how I want to manage the content, which means a HUGE overhaul of the site, which will take time and a bit of finacial outlay, and so I have no choice but to set it sside and concentrate the time I would normally spend on this into investing back into it.

And 2019 will see a greater time investment into Thingamaweek (which will hopefully be a weekly serial, which menas at leat 1.5 to 2 days a week of time investment) and hopefully get Drunk D&D off the ground and into a weekly serial as well.

So 2019 is going to be exciting, So stay tuned.